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Welcome to the British Stick Insect Foundation website, where discussion and views concerning Phasmidae (Stick Insects) are shared for the benefit of members and public in the UK and worldwide.

News and events - December 2000

National Beauty Contest

As the 14th December closing date approaches, members and friends are urged to enter their Stick Insects for the annual Beauty Contest to be judged in the New Year.  Please send photocopies of your insects to the usual address.

European Law Change

After intense lobbying, the European Union has finally agreed to recognise Pashmids as insects instead of the previous classification as fruits.  This ends decades of misunderstanding.

PM doesn’t “hate insects”

The Prime Minister, Tony Blair, doesn’t “hate insects” as previously reported here.  An analysis of seven years’ parliamentary debates has shown that he never once used that phrase in the context implied.

Stick Insects for the Blind approved

The Royal Nation Institute for the Blind (RNIB) has approved the use of Stick Insects for the partially-sighted and visually impaired, although their use as replacements for guide dogs is not being recommended until questions regarding their training can be addressed.

Stick Insect murder investigation

The inquiry into the death of an elderly Phasmid last month is being treated as a murder investigation, said Detective Inspector K L Jackson of Thames Valley Police, although he later claimed to have been joking.

And finally ...

The 5th November truly was a day to remember for Mrs E Trellis of North Wales.  She took the usual precautions to lock her pets inside before the evening’s celebrations commenced, but neglected to close the upstairs windows.  As a result, a stray firework entered her bedroom and set light to the curtains, which in turn ignited some furniture. The emergency services were called to the house and Mrs Trellis suffered 24% burns, but her favourite Stick Insect, Bunty, escaped unharmed. Reunited with her pet last night, Mrs Trellis praised the punctual action of her next-door neighbour Mr John Turncoat, who braved smoke and flame to reach the screaming insect.

“He’s an idiot,” quipped Mrs Trellis.

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